For more than 40 years, our company has been focusing on clients who run regional and international businesses.

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We view ourselves as partners in a traditional sense

Consulting services

Leistungen Consulting

For the sake of our clients, we view ourselves as partners in a traditional sense. Our primary interest is to help you develop your company.

Therefore our work extends beyond standardized consulting. We combine our experience and skills, and target them in such a way as to help you to achieve success.

Because our consulting expertise in audit, tax due diligence and business consulting are closely intertwined, we can offer a full scope of professional knowledge and skills. You will receive all services directly out of one single source.

Rather than using abstract analytical models, Gräwe & Partner consulting services focus on actual problem solving. We strive, in close cooperation with our clients, to achieve results that meet the requirements of each respective company. Results, not theory, is the measure.

Tax consulting issues often have economic impact. Consulting and tax matters can often reveal economic opportunities. It is impossible to achieve tax optimization when important economic components are ignored. We draw on extensive project-related experience to develop, with our clients, effective solutions.


About Gräwe & Partner

Gräwe & Partner is an international, mid-sized auditing, tax advisory and business consulting firm from Bremen, Germany. For more than 40 years, our professional company has been focusing on serving clients who run regional, transregional and international businesses; with accredited auditors, tax advisors and professional consultants providing solutions and devising strategies in the auditing, tax advisory and business consulting field.





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