For more than 40 years, our company has been focusing on clients who run regional and international businesses.

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As a modern audit company, we offers far more than simply assuring the compliance of your business transactions.

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Audit of financial statements
Special Audits
Consulting services

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Tax consulting services

Tax legislation, nationally and globally, continues to grow more complex.

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Tax due diligence
General tax consulting 
Financial accounting

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Our work extends beyond standardized consulting.

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Cost accounting
Business valuation

Leistungen Sonderleistungen

Special services

Gräwe & Partner offers a variety of special services. Contact us!

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Audit of IT systems
Audit of founding concepts
Audit of licensing fees

Audit of financial statements

We adopt the highest quality national and international audit standards for audits of separate and consolidated financial statements.



In today’s business environment, customers look for new alternatives. Competition develops new strategies, or factors of production constantly change.


Business valuation

Originally serving to establish the purchase or sales price of a company, the significance of due diligence has evolved over the years. Now, however, reasons for valuation differ vastly.


Special audits

In addition to annual audits of financial statements which are prescribed by legislation, Gräwe & Partner conducts voluntary and special reviews, and reviews of specific one-time and recurring special issues.


Structural and operational restructuring

Changes to professional and business environment continue to accelerate. The globalization of markets continues to increase. The information technology and communication technologies evolve rapidly.


Merger and Acquisition

money! This is particularly true of business acquisitions and disposals. That is why, when processing business combinations, we appoint a project manager to coordinate the entire process to make sure information flows smoothly between all parties involved.


Dr. Hartwig Meyer

Dirk Heuer

Alexander Sloot


About Gräwe & Partner

Gräwe & Partner is an international, mid-sized auditing, tax advisory and business consulting firm from Bremen, Germany. For more than 40 years, our professional company has been focusing on serving clients who run regional, transregional and international businesses; with accredited auditors, tax advisors and professional consultants providing solutions and devising strategies in the auditing, tax advisory and business consulting field.





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