For more than 40 years, our company has been focusing on clients who run regional and international businesses.

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Gräwe & Partner GmbH

Gräwe & Partner GmbH is a part of the Gräwe & Partner group

Gräwe & Partner GmbH
Audit and Tax Consulting Services

Unternehmen Unternehmensstruktur GP GmbH


Gräwe & Partner GmbH performs statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements. In addition to conducting a diversity of special audits, the company provides all kinds of economic consulting services while guiding its clients through a jungle of complex, mind-blowing tax issues—from completing and filing clients' tax returns to structuring taxes for international enterprises.

The statutory audits of annual financial statements we conduct are in compliance with the German Commercial Code (HGB) art. 316. We, ourselves, are subject to a periodic statutory six-year-cycle quality audit by independent auditors to guarantee the quality of our services.

Further, Gräwe & Partner GmbH focuses strongly on the international business and serves a large number of clients with foreign relations. This means providing services to domestic companies with existing or future operations abroad just the same as performing services for foreign-based companies targeting the market in Germany.

Our employee structure reflects that international focus, too—our staff not only benefits from the professional expertise it has gained in the international business environment over the years, but possesses the respective language skills as well. As a result, our clients can concentrate on their operations while we arrange for the right organizational framework, ensure a seamless flow of information and data between foreign-based entities and headquarters, and provide a stable platform and hub for our clients' international dealings.

Furthermore, our membership in the global MGI-Network accommodates us with additional professional expert resources in many different countries and ultimately enables us to deliver our clients a full-scope service worldwide.



About Gräwe & Partner

Gräwe & Partner is an international, mid-sized auditing, tax advisory and business consulting firm from Bremen, Germany. For more than 40 years, our professional company has been focusing on serving clients who run regional, transregional and international businesses; with accredited auditors, tax advisors and professional consultants providing solutions and devising strategies in the auditing, tax advisory and business consulting field.





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