For more than 40 years, our company has been focusing on clients who run regional and international businesses.

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The history of Gräwe & Partner dates back to 1977

History Gräwe & Partner 

Unternehmen Historie


Although the history of Gräwe & Partner dates back to 1977, Mr. Günter Gräwe had earlier established a solid foundation for its legal partnership and affiliated companies, as the corporation is known today.

Starting his studies at the Technical College in Braunschweig where he received a scholarship by a German technical foundation; and following his technical and business studies the University of Hamburg, graduated in 1962 with a Diploma in Business, majoring in audit and tax.

From 1962 to 1968, Mr. Gräwe passed his exams while working as a tax assistant, tax commissioner, tax advisor, and auditor.

Desiring to form his own company, he founded Gräwe & Partner in 1962. Since 1977, Mr. Gräwe has built up and expanded the company with the help of his fellow partners.

Having built a strong organizational foundation, in 2002, Mr. Gräwe began to phase himself out of the detailed day-to-day operations and began to assign the responsibilities for his clients to his fellow partners.

Needless to say, the company has greatly benefited until now from the contacts and experience of the company's founder, even beyond his retirement.

Mr. Gräwe's professionalism has always extended far beyond just the tasks in his own company. For instance, he was appointed and worked for several decades as a member of the admissions committee for tax advisors in the federal state of Bremen.

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About Gräwe & Partner

Gräwe & Partner is an international, mid-sized auditing, tax advisory and business consulting firm from Bremen, Germany. For more than 40 years, our professional company has been focusing on serving clients who run regional, transregional and international businesses; with accredited auditors, tax advisors and professional consultants providing solutions and devising strategies in the auditing, tax advisory and business consulting field.





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