For more than 40 years, our company has been focusing on clients who run regional and international businesses.

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Our Advantage — Czech It Out!

Gräwe & Partner GmbH provides services for Czech clients in Czech!

Gräwe & Partner is your direct contact for your taxation and economic issues in Germany. Since we're based in Germany, our tax advisory will take care of your affairs according to the German law. In addition, we're going to assist you in Czech—from monthly filing for VAT to auditing the consolidated financial statements. Further, we're going to represent your interests before the German tax authorities, assist you when you’re subjected to governmental audits, and fight for your tax-related rights. In the end, we'll communicate the results to you in your own language.

With their essential accreditations and qualifications, our professionals and professional partners guarantee to provide solutions that are in your very own interest.

Would you like to establish a new company or expand to Germany? Well, let us give you a helping hand! In addition to providing tax advisory services, we'll accommodate your need for economic consulting services by supporting you when founding, acquiring, selling, or taking over a company regardless of size.

We can pull strings in different directions while taking advantage of our professional network contacts—not only in Germany but worldwide. As members of diverse professional organizations, along with representations on various bodies and in different committees we cooperate with numerous organizations such as the German-Czech Industrial Chamber of Commerce in Prague.

Just get in touch with us, we're just a phone call away.

Our Czech Desk will be happy to serve you!

Sincerely yours,

Marcel Valtr

Phone (DE) +49 (0)421 27719-97


About Gräwe & Partner

Gräwe & Partner is an international, mid-sized auditing, tax advisory and business consulting firm from Bremen, Germany. For more than 40 years, our professional company has been focusing on serving clients who run regional, transregional and international businesses; with accredited auditors, tax advisors and professional consultants providing solutions and devising strategies in the auditing, tax advisory and business consulting field.





Gräwe & Partner
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